By: Jeff Davis

My Learning Process is below.

Stepper Motors & Controllers

The Wood Mill

Servo Motors & Controllers

The ENCO Drill / Mill

Ball Screw Conversion Design

Building the CNC parts

Mounting the Servo Motors

Enco 9 X 20 Lathe

Solving Drill-Mill vibration problem

First CNC parts made and MOVIE file!

CNC Tooling (Solving the 5" Z travel problem)



Want to build this CNC??? Plans and Servo Motors for sale.

Build your own Pre-Loaded Ball Nuts for about 1/2 the cost of buying them...Plans available.



Have a look around. I have lots of pictures to see.

You can contact me at HomeCNC

Jeff Davis



stepperworld (Stepper driver boards)

DeskNC (controller software)

Art Software (Mach-2) (controller software)

TurboCNC (CNC controller software)

Home machining & CNC

Geckodrive (Servo and Stepper drivers)

CNC-4-PC (Breakout boards, CNC hardware)
Want to talk to people like you? Visit CNCZONE.


Whats NEW!!

I cut a model boat hull for my brother-in-law. See the move in the MOVIE area, now available.

Servo box controller plans, free to my customers.

My CNC router is now done! Check out some pictures.

Built a servo controller box for someone who begged me. I'm not really into building these, but he asked.-->



If you need good quality material please consider clicking on the links at the left. I will get a small kick-back if you use my link and purchase something. I wouldn't place advertising on my site if I didn't like them myself. Another nice thing is if you order some length of material and they are near the end of the bar stock they will give you the rest!!!